Friday, August 7, 2009

Of modern day cavewomen and utter disappointment.

I have a errand that I run (and by run I mean get in my car and drive to) that I take care of every Friday morning.  Ok, so I go to the ATM, but it happens every Friday morning usually around 6 a.m.  I take the most direct/shortest path to my nearest bank and that route just happens to take me across the path of the most beautiful man I have ever seen.  Well, I haven't actually seen his face I haven't made it past his most beautiful abs.  I'm pretty sure he has dark hair. In fact I often joke that if his washing machine were to break he could just do his laundry right there on his own chest and stomach!   I've very clearly stated my desire to start running (and by desire I mean pipe dream). So how to meet this beautiful running man?  Pull a cavewoman and clip him with my modern day club...MY CAR!?!  No, I'm kidding that might actually hurt him, and he couldn't run any more, but its a nice fantasy.  This Friday morning dawns and I jump in my car ready to go sight seeing, and he isn't there?!  What?!  Did someone else beat me to the punch (clip?).  I'll be sure to get up earlier next Friday morning to check.  Good thing ATMs are 24 hour. 

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