Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Hosta Garden

A little back story wouldn't hurt.  Will I turn 30 this December? Yes.  Did I decided to leave my husband recently? Yes.  Do I still stand behind that decision?  Yes!  Am I scared?  Sometimes yes.  Do I get frustrated? Yes.  Will I make it? YES!  
Ok, all that said there are things to be learned here.  I got so upset the other day and realized that I needed an outlet before my emotions ran me over (Lets face it, jogging would have been a great outlet, but I'm so not going there!  Not yet anyway.) So what do I decide to do?  Tend my sister's neglected hosta garden in her back yard (really, in hind sight jogging would have been easier).  To say that my oldest sister is not a gardener isn't a lie, there were more weeds in that garden than there were hostas.  
I started pulling, then I started thinking, then things started to make sense.  My motto up until that point had been "Be the duck-let things roll off your back".  I was channeling my inner duck when the thinking part hit me square in the face, because there were a lot of weeds, but interestingly enough there were a lot of hostas too!  In fact the more weeds I pulled I realized that there were NEW hostas coming up under the weeds.  Then the old saying thrive where you are planted crossed my mind.  You know what?  I decided right there that if these crazy little plants could come up under the oppression of all those weeds, then darn it so could I.  I'm going to thrive where I've been planted.  Being a duck is ok, but being a hosta isn't half bad either.  

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