Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mother Knows Best.

I was relating the lesson of the hybrid to my mother as we were in the car last week because she doesn't do the whole computer thing (meaning that she logs on to balance her checking account and then logs straight off). And just to prove that mother knows best she turns to me and suggests that maybe I should consider trading in my car for a hybrid so that I could have a better shot at running down my jogger! Again, seriously I'd never knowingly run down a fellow human, but you can see the application of the lesson of the hybrid, right?! Not to mention I've noticed several "clip worthy" joggers in my area. I can just see my trophy case now.... (I keep it in my cave next to my "club").

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saving Leaves and Lives

Ok, you are all going to think that I'm a bit crazy or you may think that I need my eyes checked. I can't think that I'm the only person in the world who has done this though. I'm driving along when I see something scuttle across the road and I swerve (not violently) to avoid the little critter, only to realize that its a leaf. I swear it looked like a lizard! This isn't the first time that its happened, I have to admit. In fact I have to face the fact that it may happen more often now that we are coming up on fall. My best friend laughed at me and asked how I'd explain wreaking the car over a leaf. I don't know!! Of course I laughed at her the day that she told me that she was almost run over by a hybrid car because they are so quiet that she didn't hear it coming. Yeah, I laughed at her! I mean how can you not hear a car coming right? No, she was right. As I was walking across the bookstore parking lot (by the way don't read new books while crossing a parking lot) one almost hit me. I swear I didn't hear the thing coming!!! I called her to apologize. Because I laughed at her being run down by a hybrid I can only hope that because she laughed at me for saving the life of a leaf that the same thing doesn't happen to her. I want you all to drive safely and watch out for leaves and hybrids because they really can sneak up on you.