Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pre Mother's Day Freak Out...or Just Another Saturday.

It happens out of the blue as it normally does, at innocent times, down times when you're doing something so daily and mundane that your mind has time or space to wander. The Freak Out. Mothers know exactly what I'm talking about. I have a sneaky suspicion that fathers do too, only to such a less degree that it doesn't even register on any scale. Especially no scale that interrupts a perfectly normal day.
Today's freak out is due partly to Mother's Day that's just around the corner. It happened in the way that was described above. I was making lunch for my daughter which is the same thing everyday: soy chicken nuggets and some sort of veg when I recalled an article discussing the long term affects of soy on women. Horrible things were listed which all boiled down to the fact that some scientists think it messes with the reproductive system. Oh Lord!!! I've killed her baby making parts, and who knows what else!!! Never mind the fact that she is 7, I'm clearly overreacting and scientists get stuff wrong all the time! It's to late however, one freak out leads neatly into one or eight more. And all those boil down to: am I doing this right?!
When doing any other thing in life you can look at it and clearly see if you are doing it correctly. When I'm knitting I can look at stitches and see if they are twisted or dropped. I can't look at my daughter and tell if she's twisted! That doesn't manifest until later in life, right? TEENAGERS!!! How is that even measurable?!
Mothers don't come equipped with any type of manual. Grandmothers may but that's only because they survived our childhoods and have running notes that they have written themselves. I may never know because I may never be a grandmother because I may have killed her uterus with to much soy at an early age.
Even if we did get a manual upon motherhood, I'm sure it'd be at least three pages long with chapter titles such as "The Art of Winging It" and "How to Apply Band-aids, Even When They Aren't Needed".
Meanwhile we're brought back to the real world with the ding of a microwave letting me know that those deadly "chicken" nuggets are done when suddenly I'm reassured, that yes, I must be doing something close to right when two little arms wrap around me and that sweet little voice says "You're the best Momma, I just love you!!" Okay, freak out over.
Happy Mother's Day!! Be sure to call her and remind her that she is the best in the world, you love her, and yes, she did it just right!

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